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Photography pricing & policy

- Turnaround Time -

  -Individual clients can expect to receive their photos within 5-10 business days.
-Corporate clients can expect to receive their photos within 10 business days with groups less than 100 people, property size, wedding size etc 
-For groups greater than 100, or large properties please allow 10-20 business days for editing and electronic delivery.

- Delivery - 
-Images are e-mailed or delivered via digital download.
-You will be able to order prints at reasonable prices from your private gallery. 

- Payment -
-The balance is to be paid in full by the end of your session. Check or cash is preferred, credit card and Paypal are accepted. 
Sessions require a 20% deposit to book 100% refundable within 5 business day of canceling 

- On-location Travel -
-Tracy is available for on-location shooting
-A travel & setup fee will be included with your quote. 
-Local  travel & setup fee is $75 for mileage over 30 miles, or $150 for large group shoots

Standard Session - $150

-Up to 60 minutes of shooting time to get that one great photo. There's usually time for a couple outfit changes if needed.

-High-res JPEG download of your best photo(s).

-Processing in Photoshop for optimal color, brightness, contrast, clarity, and white-balance. Light blemish retouching (if needed) is also included.

Portfolio Headshot Session - $250

-Up to 60 minutes of shooting time, plus the digital download of all your best photos 

-Light blemish retouching for up to 3 images is also included. Additional images can be retouched for

$10 each.

Extended Headshot Session - $350

-90 minutes of shooting time, 
-3-4 outfit changes/looks
-Digital download of all your best photos.
-Light blemish retouching included for up to 7 images. Additional photos can be retouched for $10/each.

Backdrop & Outdoor Session - $500

-60 minutes of shooting time indoor, 30 minutes outdoors (or vise-versa)
-3-4 outfit changes/looks
-Digital download of all your best photos. 
-Light blemish retouching included for up to 10 images. Additional images can be retouched for $10/each.

Package 1: Headshot Sessions

15 min sessions each 

For businesses seeking the highest quality 
headshots for their employees. 

-2-5 people -     $200/person
-6-15  people -    $175/person
-16-50 people - $150/person
-51+ people -   $125/person

-Includes multiple looks and all of your best photos in high-resolution. 
-Light blemish retouching and processing for optimal color and clarity is also included for up to 3 images.  Additional photos can be retouched for $10 each.

Package 2: Group Session

1-5 minute sessions, one outfit, basic coaching.
​Perfect for company events or large groups

-2-15 people - $100/person
-16-30 people - $75/person
-31-50 people - $65/person
-51-100 people - $55/person
-101-200 people - $50/person
-201-300+people - $45/person

-Includes the digital download of each person's best photo in high-resolution. 
-All photos are processed and edited for exposure, color, and clarity. 
-Pricing applies to on-location headshots at your office or event
-5-7 photos are taken per person, on average. 
-The best shot is chosen

On-location headshots at your office, please see additional information below regarding delivery, payment, and the studio setup/travel fee.


Please contact me for a quote, as many wedding vary, from destination weddings to elopement there are many factors to consider when quoting a wedding. 

Real Estate

  • $50 for every 500 sq ft, 15% discount for return customers 

  • up to 25 finished photos up to 3500 sq ft

  • up to 35 finished photos up to 8000 sq ft

  • up to 50 finished photos over 8000 sq ft

  • add'll shoots to capture property moments outside of schedule time, such as sunset etc $125 within range of travel

Product & Commercial 

Please contact me for a quote

Questions include:

  • where will the job occur

  • what is the intended set up

  • what is the intended use of the photographs

  • what or who will be included

  • what is the main goal of the photographs

What is your cost of doing business?

  • domain

  • hosting

  • utilities

  • business debts

  • rent

  • insurance

  • professional fees

  • cost of goods

License of use fee

  • type of usage

  • file adjustments

  • processing requests

  • length of use

  • location of use

  • Facebook
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